Welcome to Rabble

This is a capstone project for Sean Walker. For a long time I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel to share my thoughts on popular media and discuss multiple aspects of it. All too often ¬†I watch online personalities that provide fun, informative and unique perspectives on my favorite movies and TV shows while often ignoring the aspects of diversity in those projects. Some times a statement is made but rarely is a significant aspect of the video about that topic.

In other instances the diversity topic would only focus on certain groups – often those that the personality themselves belong to. A black man will discuss the lack of black men, a gay person will draw attention how members of the LGTBQ community is being portrayed and so on. Often they ignore the plights of other groups’ representation even if it parallels to their own. I seek to fill that gap and become an example to others to be aware and willing to discuss representation in all groups as a more effective way of seeing change.

My channel will continue long after capstone is over. While my project has humble beginnings, I have already learned so much in how to produce my content. Coming in I had basically no experience in shooting video, editing or talking on camera – and it shows. The best thing is that I can see where I’ve gotten better and also where to go next to continue my improvement.

It’s not just the production part, it’s the content as well. Through constant review I’ve found gaps and weaknesses in my presentation and the focus of my discussion. More videos are already lined up and those weaknesses will be strengthened with practice.

In the future I want to bring others into my discussions. Part of the problem with other channels I had is that there is only one person talking about the film which is fine. Most groups aren’t comfortable discusses race, sexuality, religion or how those aspects are depicted in our media. Unfortunately this casts illusion that it should be taboo to do so. I disagree. Seeing regular people honestly and openly discuss those topics would help the problem and hopefully lead to more change once Hollywood sees that all types of people care about the way media is produced.

As my project started I began to see why most channels don’t do that. To be frank: it’s hard. Getting people that are interested, then willing, then available and then actually¬†dedicated to showing up to film is difficult to do. On top of that a certain level of trust and chemistry is needed to make sure that the discussion is interesting and meaningful. After three straight weeks of being stood up I decided that I would focus on my own production and not force the group aspect. That is still a huge priority of my project and I will foster it naturally so that the quality will be as high as possible.

Everything is a learning process and I couldn’t ask for a better introduction to my video production career. It’s been a challenge but the amount of experience gained in such a short amount of time has been priceless. The initial excitement I had has only grown and I can’t wait to see where this project is in another few short months.

Enjoy Rabble!


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