Rabble Review: Marvel’s Iron Fist

This was the start of it all, my first solo foray into Rabble. Iron Fist DEFINITELY gave me plenty to talk about. Grab something to drink and a snack and settle in to find out just how bad I think Iron Fist is.

I definitely bit off a lot talking about Iron Fist first. There was just SO MUCH to talk about: casting, writing, production, and since it was a show it was way harder than reviewing a movie. In hindsight I should have worked up to this one but you live and you learn.

Looking back on it I learned the hard way about how to streamline my thoughts and editing process. Most importantly I got to really see myself on camera and learn what to focus on. My thoughts just rambled on so much there’s probably 20 minutes more than got cut with no adverse effect on the rest of the video. Focusing on the positives: I think I did a good job discussing the show and characters. I wish there had been more focus on the diversity element for the sake of time, but there was no way I was going to remove all the discussion on the rest of the show.

This was the topic that most people expressed interest in discussing with me. It’s also the video that I put off and got stood up on for 3 weeks in a row. Whatever. It happens and I’m glad I pushed through with it and didn’t take the easy way out.


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