Rabble React: Star Wars Ep. VIII The Last Jedi

Star Wars: the granddaddy of all blockbusters. Not the most diverse franchise in the world either. But that’s starting to change and I love it anyway. Held back from viewing this trailer for days just to do my first trailer reaction for it. Check it out!

This is probably the video I was most excited for. By this time I’d gotten into a rhythm on how to do my vids. As you can see that confidence was a bit unfounded because the video came out super out of focus. Once again, live and learn.

I had a total blast with this one simply because it was so anticipated. Honestly there wasn’t much diversity in the trailer or movie to talk about and, frankly, that’s unfortunate. Star Wars is taking steps to increase the visibility of women and people of color in it’s series, but it still has a long way to go. The greatest strides have been taken outside of the movies – books and TV series have numerous female characters and characters that look….not white. Clone Wars did a good job and Rebels seems to be continuing that trend even though I can’t stand that show.

Sure I wish I’d focused more on that for this video, but considering it was a trailer reaction it seemed best to stick to what it showed and my initial reaction. As The Last Jedi gets closer to release there will be plenty to be said about the inclusion of Rey, Finn and Poe as the leads of the next generation and the reaction to that. What I am glad to see is that Star Wars hasn’t forced the diversity or gotten preachy. I could watch the trailers and just be hype for the movie. That’s progress.


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