Power Rangers

This is where I started hitting my stride. A few videos were under my belt and the topic, Power Rangers, was packed with discussable material. The template was pretty much locked in so I knew what the videos would look like while filming. That helped a lot.

My discussion of this felt a lot more natural than the Iron Fist review. For one, it’s much easier to talk by myself about a 2 hour movie than a 13 hour TV show. Secondly, Power Rangers is way better than Iron Fist is. On Iron Fist I got so distracted by all of the terrible things about it that I lost focus on the diversity of the show. Power Rangers did a better job crafting an enjoyable story and integrating a diverse group of characters into their story.

TV shows have so much more happening in them that it almost requires more than one person to craft an engaging examination of them. When I watch other YouTubers review TV shows they are mostly not nearly as in depth as their movie reviews and it’s easy to see why.


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